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I first saw Jeff’s potential as a high school student when he successfully replicated Novell’s code to write his own menu system for software he was designing. When I was looking for an inexpensive solution as a web server and e-mail server, Jeff was eager to try a Linux server setup. That solution has worked flawlessly for at least a decade. Jeff continues to serve as my Linux guru as we now provide web and e-mail servers for several web sites. Jeff is both knowledgeable and a great problem solver.

Taylor Computer Solutions offer workstations of unequaled performance and reliability. I have never had to replace any part on PC Jeff has built.

Jeff has been and continues to be a valuable asset to my consulting business and a friend I wouldn’t want to be without.
— Paul Robinson, Marshall, IL - Abacus Computer Consultants

I would like to say that I was very pleased with the services provided by Taylor Computer Solutions. He had us up and running in a matter of a day or two.
— Stacey Herrington

After spending extensive time on the telephone with tech support personnel (who did not solve my problem), I went to Jeff Taylor. He fixed my computer problem immediately. His knowledge of computers is impressive. He always takes time out of his busy schedule to help me and is very patient and friendly. I would highly recommend Jeff Taylor to anyone who needs computer help of any kind. It’s nice to know that if I am in need of computer help there is a highly professional and experienced person like Mr. Taylor on call.
— Sheila K. Shotts

I would highly recommend Taylor Computers to anyone needing computer repair services or product information. We have used Jeff Taylor as our computer tech on several occasions, and each time his promptness and willingness to go the extra mile to help has been great. On this latest occasion, when lightning caused us some difficulties, Jeff made two visits to our home in one evening and made arrangements to have a part brought in from out of town so that we would be up and running by evening’s end. I can’t say enough about Taylor Computers.
— Karen & Marty Keim

We have done business with Taylor Computer Solutions for several years. Jeff Taylor is very knowledgeable, dependable, prompt, and economical. We enjoy working with him and his tech support is the best around!
— Murphy Farm Seeds

My family has obtained services from Taylor Computer Solutions since approximately 1997. Jeff has always made himself available to help us, even going as far as to make house calls when necessary. If he tells you he can fix something, there is no doubt that he can do it. If he has never had exposure to a specific problem or situation, he will go above and beyond to research it and get back to you with a response in a very timely manner. Jeff knows that computers are a part of our everyday lives now and that people rely heavily on their computers. He does not take advantage of his customers but allows his customers to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise in the computer industry. He keeps up on the latest technology to make sure he can provide the best possible service to his clients. We call him our “Computer Doctor” and he keeps our computers in top health!
— Debra Washburn

The ministry I work for recently purchased five computers from Taylor Computers. We have been using the machines for about two months now, and we are very pleased with them — they are quiet and fast. We also appreciate the good and friendly service Jeff provided during the installation. Thanks, Jeff!
— Rich Carmicheal - Herald of His Coming (Brazil, IN)

Taylor Computer Solutions:

Thank you for your help in getting Kansas Township set up with our first computer system. We appreciated your expertise in getting the perfect equipment for our needs. We are very happy with the computer system and the reasonable price you gave us. Thank you for your assistance.
— Camille Baker - Kansas Township Clerk

Jeff has been building and upgrading computers for me for over 8 years. He stays informed on the latest technology and is always available to answer questions on new software. He has always given me quick and dependable service. I’m sure I’ll be going back to Jeff when it’s time for my next upgrade.
— Mike Bierbaum, Marshall, IL

I would like to thank Jeff Taylor for all of the great help that he has given me in the past. Being as computer illiterate as I am, I found out that sometimes it is best to hire a pro. It is reassuring to know that if I mess things up, that I can always call on Jeff to fix things.

Jeff understands how to operate and fix computer problems effectively. He is honest, reliable, and takes pride in the quality of work that he provides for his customers. His prices and services are far superior to most computer shops. I would recommend Taylor’s Computer services to anyone.
— Terry Bullock

Jeff did an excellent job with our computer. We had no idea what had happened to it, but after only 1 day Jeff had figured out what had happened and ordered us a new hard drive. It was installed within 5 days, and we were back in business. He seems to know a thing or 2 about computers.
— Robin & Lloyd Kemper, Martinsville, IL

Jeff has recently set up a home computer for us and I have no regrets on using his products and knowledge vs. one purchased in the store. Since Jeff put the computer together himself, he knows it better than anyone. His service was quick, courteous and professional, and I’m sure will continue to be. I like knowing I will be able to call him with questions and receive that personal “hometown” service.
— Greg Tucker, Marshall, IL