SILO - Seed Dealership Software


SILO is a comprehensive seed inventory and sales tracking system designed for the dealers of agricultural seed. SILO will automatically keep track of sales and inventory figures as you enter orders, payments, and other various items. These figures, along with invoices and other information, are viewable on screen and printed out as reports with a professional look.

SILO has powerful capabilities yet is easy to use due to its modern presentation of your data. SILO is specifically designed around the needs of the seed dealer. This results in a more intuitive and capable software system, which is easier to understand and use compared to multi-purpose software configured to act as an inventory and sales tracking system, which can be limited in capability.


SILO has been professionally designed and developed around the needs of seed dealers. Thus, SILO provides capabilities that are otherwise limited or completely missing in other software packages. In the event that a dealer requires a capability not provided by SILO, then that requirement can be submitted for possible implementation in a future version. Listed below are some of the capabilities provided by SILO.

  • Multiple seed companies supported
  • Seed company logo on invoices if desired
  • Split order capability with shares represented as percents or fractions
  • Customizable order adjustments
    • Adjust order total via percentage or dollar per unit
    • Can be applied to entire order, a line item or group of line items
    • Excludable from cash discount calculations
  • Cash discounts
    • Can calculate for orders paid in multiple discount periods
    • Assignable to specific customer on split orders if required
  • Inventory Management
    • Seed purchases & receipt
    • Seed sales & deliveries
    • Seed commitments
    • Seed available for sale
    • Seed on hand
  • Track lot numbers
  • Access sales information for prior years
  • Extensive filtering capability to see just the data needed on reports
  • And many more features…